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We’re Supplyfluence, a partnership-first retailer.
Our first priority is profitable, long-term business relationships based on mutual trust. 

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Supplyfluence, LLC is a online retail company based in Houston, Texas. The company owners regularly travel the country finding new products to sell online, meeting with manufacturers, distributors, suppliers, etc.

Inventory is routed through a prepping/fulfillment center, so scalability is never an issue.

Supplyfluence, LLC has an edge over most rank-and-file sellers. We use proprietary tools to determine projected product profitability before ever picking up the phone. If we are pursuing a relationship with you, we’ve done our homework and are convinced it’s going to be a long-term, mutually-beneficial arrangement.

We also spend hundreds of hours on listing optimization. We know how to get an Amazon listing profitable, then always look for additional tweaks to improve. 

 We’re always happy to share how to get your listings performing better. Get a hold of us.

Why Work With Us?

One of the first things you’ll hear us ask on an exploratory phone call is “how can we be an ideal partner for you?”

In response, here are some of the answers we give our partners:


We follow MAP pricing


We place orders long before stock is needed


We help optimize listings to raise average reviews and orders


We don't try to gouge you with massive discount requests


We're a long-term partner who's more interested in working together as friends than eeking out a few extra cents

Frequently Asked Questions


What does Supplyfluence, LLC think about MAP?

We are very strong believers in MAP. To us, MAP products are really the best products to sell, because they stop the so-called race to zero between resellers and MAP is better for all sellers online and sellers in general. If we find other sellers violating MAP, we always report them to the distributor, the manufacturer or the product owner that issued the MAP, because violations of MAP is just very bad business for all of us.


What does Supplyfluence, LLC need from a distributor or manufacturer?

We work with software that matches your inventory to all inventory that is available in all the Amazon warehouses to identify where we can make a profit. To make our software work properly, we need an Excel spreadsheet from you with a SKU, UPC Number and price of the product and your description of the item, so we can see exactly what we are buying from you and your company. Although PDFs are great to see what products you are selling, we can’t upload those into our inventory analysis system, unfortunately.


Where does Supplyfluence, LLC have its prepping partner warehouse?

We use a prepping center in Marietta, GA. We ask that you send all our shipments there. The address is:
1720 Cumberland Point Drive, Suite 8
Marietta, GA 30067


Is Supplyfluence, LLC an American company?

You bet. Our owners are based in Houston, TX. We’re set up as a Limited LIability Company with an USA-based EIN and business license (resale permit). 


Does Supplyfluence, LLC need terms?

We pay all products by credit card at the start of a business relationship with a new distributor or wholesaler. We believe in building trust first with you for a longer period of time, before we’ll ask for terms. In the beginning, we will pay immediately for all our products from you and before shipment occurs.


What Does Supplyfluence, LLC need from Distributors?

For us to be able to do business with you, we need a spreadsheet with a few pieces of data we use in our in-house inventory software program. We need at least the following in columns: 1. UPC Number; 2. Unit price; 3. SKU; and 4. Description of the item (sequence is irrelevant). A brand name will also help us but is not mandatory for us to feed into the software. Without any of the 4 mentioned parameters, it is impossible for us to estimate the profitability of your products.



Does Supplyfluence, LLC sell on Amazon?

Yes, we do, but we also sell on other platforms and even to brick and mortar when we see a product that can also be sold through offline channels.


Does Supplyfluence, LLC sell only in a certain niche?

No, we don’t. We sell a wide variety of products. But note that we won’t sell anything that is classified as hazmat or is outright weird in our book which could harm our business reputation. 


How Can I Contact Supplyfluence, LLC?

You can contact us via the contact form. You can also call us between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. CST.


Does Supplyfluence, LLC have an EIN?

Yes, we do. If we make an account on your website and you have a secure connection (https), we’ll give it to you.

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